Ouya console plays Borderlands 2 via Nvidia GRID

The folks behind the indie-friendly Ouya gaming console thought it was too expensive to pay for a booth at last week's E3 expo, so they set up shop in a parking lot across the street. That move appears to have irked the Entertainment Software Association responsible for the show, which allegedly tried to block Ouya's display with a semi-trailer. A couple of LAPD officers showed up on a weird, Segway/tricycle hybrid, and the Ouya Park was allowed to stay open. Score one for the little guy.

As it turns out, the $100 console also infiltrated the show floor. The Tegra 3-powered machine was on display at Nvidia's booth streaming Borderlands 2 from a GRID server. AndroidCentral captured the demo on video:

Nvidia claims the H.264 stream offers a console-quality experience, but it admits latency can be an issue with cloud-based services. That virtualized gaming session has to make a lot of hops between the server and client. The ability to stream PC games with such an inexpensive Android device is pretty neat, though.

What's really exciting about the Ouya's potential for game streaming is the fact that the underlying technology is the same as what's employed by Nvidia's Project Shield handheld. That system enables game streaming from GeForce-equipped local PCs, which should involve much lower network latency. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether Shield-like PC streaming is in the Ouya's future or when cloud-based providers might support the console.

There is, however, a promising alternative. YouTube user Toastless has posted impressive videos showing the Ouya console streaming Far Cry 3 and World of Warcraft via Splashtop remote desktop software. The console comes out June 25, and I think I may have to get one just to see how well the PC streaming stuff works.

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