Preakness Edition

  1. Point Given wins Preakness Stakes
  2. Electic Tech reports that PowerStrip 3.0 beta build 143 released
  3. Havas strikes against Starcraft campaigns (thanks Kota)
  4. FiringSquad and Glide Underground report from E3
  5. Gamers Depot reviews Tribes 2

  1. HardwareCentral on mobile Duron and Athlon 4
  2. Digit Life's AMD 760 mainboards roundup
  3. VTR-Hardware reviews Soltek SL-75DRV
  4. Icrontic reviews Supermicro PIIIDR3 i840
  5. [H]ard|OCP reviews Abit KT7E
  6. AcidHardware reviews Gigabyte GF3000D GeForce 3
  7. ipKonfig reviews 128MB OCZ Micro BGA PC-150 SDRAM
  8. SoundCardCentral reviews Altec Lansing AVS500 4.1 speakers
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