Asus mulling wearable devices

As pocketable computers become commonplace, device makers are turning their attention to the next big thing. Wearable devices seem to be in the future for all the big names. Google has its much-publicized Glass effort, while Samsung has confirmed it's working on a watch-like product. Apple and Microsoft are rumored to have watches of their on in development, as well.

Now, you can add Asus to the list. According to Focus Taiwan, Asus Chairman Jonney Shih thinks wearable devices will be a "critical sector" for innovation. Asus' research lab has been experimenting in that area, Shih said, but there doesn't appear to be anything specific planned just yet. Rather than catering to early explorers adopters, Shih seems more interested in competing when there's mass-market demand.

A more conservative approach to wearable devices certainly makes sense. The first generations seem likely to have only limited appeal. Google Glass is too weird—and potentially creepy—and it's hard to see watch-like devices being compelling enough to replace the smartphones that have, uh, replaced watches for most of us.

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