Dubya Bush's tech policy guru

C|Net is running an interesting profile of Floyd Kvamme, co-chairman of the President's Advisory Council on Science and Technology. In an accompanying interview, he talks about some of the hot button technological issues of today including music piracy, Alt Min, and Carnivore. Here is a short outtake:
The FBI's Carnivore program has drawn a lot of criticism. One of the arguments is that the communications of innocent people could potentially be intercepted as well as those of terrorists and criminals. What's the administration's role in that?

There clearly is a role in that particular case because what you're talking about is to what length can the police or is the policing authority in a free society allowed to protect the citizenry. And that's always going to be a subject of debate in a free society.

Mr. Kvamme continues to meet the press here. Along with the Bush administration's new energy policy, is the country edging closer to some kind of industrial policy?
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