AMD-powered Vizio tablet now selling for $600

Remember that AMD-based Vizio tablet revealed in January? We haven't heard much about the device since its unveiling, but it's finally shipping to customers. You can order the 11.6" tablet online for $600.

If you're not familiar with the simply named 11.6" Windows 8 Tablet PC, let me refresh your memory. The display has a 1080p resolution, though there's no indication of the panel type used. Vizio's spec doesn't even quote viewing angles.

The tablet offers everything you'd expect from such a device: dual cameras, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro HDMI output, and a Micro USB port. A full-fat version of Windows 8 sits on the system's 64GB SSD, and the whole thing is squeezed into a 0.4"-thick chassis weighing 1.8 lbs.

The underlying AMD silicon sets the Vizio tablet apart from other tablets, but it's also the most disappointing element. The Z-60 APU is otherwise known as Hondo, an SoC derived from the old Brazos generation of products. AMD introduced the chip last October and has since replaced it with Temash-based processors that boast upgraded Jaguar CPU cores and GCN-based Radeon graphics.

With a last-gen APU and battery life pegged at just five hours, the Vizo tablet may be a tough sell at $600. Hopefully, AMD's new generation of SoCs can make their way into tablets in a much more timely manner.

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