Deal of the week: Discounted storage and graphics, plus BioShock Infinite for $40

Just about every one of our deals posts features some form of solid-state storage. This one is no different, but the drive in question might surprise you. Seagate's 600 SSD 480GB is 5% off at Newegg right now, and promo code SSDJUNPR knocks off another 10%. Final price: $360, which works out to just $0.75 per gigabyte. Not bad for a drive that should keep up with all but the fastest SSDs on the market. You can read more about the 600 SSD in our review of the 240GB model.

A handful of GeForce GTX 660 cards are on sale right now, including this MSI model for $20 off. The initial discount brings the card down to $195, and a mail-in rebate will shave off another $20.A  download code for Metro: Last Light is included, too. Shipping is free on this and the SSD. You can read more about the GeForce GTX 660 right here.

You know what would look great on a new graphics card? The critically acclaimed and frankly beautiful BioShock Infinite. Newegg is offering download codes for only $40, a third off the usual asking price. If you'd like to see how well the GeForce GTX 660 and other mid-range graphics cards run BioShock Infinite, check out this article.

I can't mention a gaming deal without pointing to the massive sale over at Good Old Games. Over 500 titles have been discounted, including indie favorites like Fez, Dyad, and Hotline Miami. I quite enjoy Dyad, and it's easily worth the $5 GOG is charging.

North of the border, NCIX has its Spring into Summer Sale on until June 26. There are loads of deals on pretty much every class of component, and a couple of graphics cards caught my eye. Asus' GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II is down to $330 before a $20 MIR, making the card cheaper than what you'll pay at Newegg. Prefer a Radeon? Try Powercolor's Radeon HD 7970 at $380 before a $20 MIR. And don't forget that the Radeon comes with four free games.

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