Leaked video shows Watch Dogs multiplayer

We've already seen plenty of single-player footage from Watch Dogs, the open-world action game due on the PC and next-gen consoles in November. Watch Dogs also has a multiplayer component, and our first glimpse of it has leaked online.

Admittedly, the video doesn't show much. The gameplay—or at least this aspect of it—seems to revolve around hacking other players while avoiding detection. There's a lot of running and sneaking around, but we don't get a look at combat apart from some poorly aimed pot shots. The player clearly isn't using a keyboard and mouse.

Although Ubisoft has been tight-lipped on Watch Dogs multiplayer, creative director Jonathan Morin dropped a few hints to OXM. It seems part of the multiplayer involves infiltrating other folks' single-player games as as an NPC. I believe that's what we're seeing in the video.

Morin goes on to say Watch Dogs will have "traditional multiplayer," as well, but the experience will be a unique one with multiple layers. Multiplayer interactions may even affect the single-player narrative, which would be an interesting twist. Given what we know about the storyline, PvP hacking certainly seems appropriate. I'm curious to see what the other multiplayer elements have to offer.

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