Western Digital subsidiary HGST buys enterprise SSD maker sTec

Western Digital continues to expand its SSD portfolio. The firm has announced that wholly owned subsidiary HGST will acquire enterprise SSD maker sTec for $340 million in cash. According to the press release, the deal "augments HGST's existing solid-state storage capabilities, accelerating its ability to expand its participation in the rapidly growing area of enterprise SSDs."

HGST's current SSD lineup includes a number of SAS and fiber-channel models developed jointly with Intel. Those two firms will continue working together on current and future products, Western Digital says. The sTec acquisition provides a patent portfolio in addition to a deep lineup of enterprise-grade drives spanning SATA, SAS, PCI Express, and embedded interfaces. sTec even makes a rack-mounted appliance loaded with solid-state storage.

This isn't the first time Western Digital has invested in solid-state technology. It acquired SiliconSystems back in 2009 and invested in Skyera a couple months ago.

To date, Western Digital's SSD exploits have largely been limited to enterprise and embedded applications. The company's consumer-grade SiliconEdge Blue SSD had a short shelf life, and it hasn't been replaced by anything from WD or HGST. Hard drive makers have been slow to get into the client SSD business, though. Seagate only recently introduced its first consumer drive, the 600 SSD. Samsung already has a large presence in the consumer SSD space, but it also sold its hard-drive division to Seagate more than two years ago.

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