Battlefield 4 video highlights new Frostbite engine features

Battlefield 4 is coming October 29, and we've already seen plenty of video of it in action. Now, EA is offering a look at the Frostbite 3 engine technology powering the game. Check it out:

Much of the footage is familiar from the BF4 trailers we've seen already. The commentary provides some interesting insight on how the game's visuals are created, though. Wind is now handled by the game engine, allowing trees to sway realistically and react to adjacent explosions.

Another interesting feature is the "networked water simulation," which ensures that the same wave patterns are encountered by everyone in a multiplayer game. The waves affect players, vehicles, and objects alike, and they should make naval combat more interesting. Maybe we'll see a surfing scene reminiscent of the one in Apocalypse Now—fingers crossed.

Frostbite 3 also offers enhanced character models, including more realistic eye rendering thanks to the addition of "parallax animation" in the iris. Subsurface scattering has been added, as well. Combine those enhancements with even more environmental destruction, and Battlefield 4 looks like it may be the most visually impressive game of the next generation.

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