Greetings from Cambridge, England. I'm here, along with other members of the tech press, visiting the folks at ARM and getting briefed on all sorts of juicy details about their CPU and GPU architectures. After having worked so closely with the big PC chip companies for so long, getting to know ARM is truly fascinating. They're part of an entire alternative ecosystem that mirrors much of what you'll find in the PC platform, yet the fundamental assumptions are very different, starting most notably with the IP licensing model that dominates the SoC space.

I'm still absorbing information, including some detailed briefings on the brand-new Cortex-A12 CPU microarchitecture and the latest Mali GPU. What ARM is building may have different power targets than most PC cores, but it's undeniably state-of-the-art. I'll have more to say about all of this after the event is over. Looking forward to sharing it with you.

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