BitTorrent rejects Game of Thrones piracy records

Earlier this month, the Game of Thrones season finale apparently set some kind of BitTorrent record. According to TorrentFreak, over 170,000 users were sharing the episode at the height of its popularity. S03E10 - Mhysa has reportedly been downloaded over five million times since appearing online.

The people behind the show probably aren't too bothered by the news. HBO considers GoT piracy a compliment, noting that DVD sales haven't suffered. Indeed, the cable channel seems to like the "cultural buzz" created by the show's incredible popularity. Only so much buzz can be generated among HBO subscribers alone.

BitTorrent takes issue with the record, though. In an official blog post, BitTorrent VP of marketing Matt Mason calls the notion "a complete fabrication." You can't download anything illegally on BitTorrent, he says, "you need more than a protocol." Mason would prefer that we discuss illegal downloads in the context of an Internet piracy record—not one tied to BitTorrent, which is what everyone uses to pirate content over the Internet.

I can't help but sympathize with the marketing guy tasked with pushing BitTorrent's legal content distribution efforts. Those legitimate ventures may always be overshadowed by illicit activity on the P2P network.

Still, I've gotta call out Mason for bringing bacon into this. He claims the BitTorrent crown is already held by Epic Meal Time, which is distributed legally via the protocol. That show has purportedly been downloaded over eight million times. Mason seems to be referring to the show as a whole rather than one specific episode, though. Despite the assertion that bacon won BitTorrent, it seems Game of Thrones is still the one true king.

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