Well, I'm back from visiting with ARM in England, and I have lots to write about. Still trying to recover from the return trip, though, with jet lag compounded by the strain of some unplanned complications, including my transatlantic flight being diverted from Detroit to Cleveland for refueling, a delay of over eight hours in Detroit, the ultimate cancellation of my flight home, an unexpected overnight in a hotel near the Detroit airport, and a two-leg journey home via Atlanta the next day. I arrived in KC about 24 hours later than expected.

I'm kind of a mess still. Sitting is difficult.

Anyhow, the time spent with ARM was well worth the trouble. I'll have more to say about that soon. Just need to figure out how to put words together into sentences again as the jet lag-induced brain fog lifts.

Have any of you tried Windows 8.1 yet? I grabbed the preview, but I'm too chicken to install it on my main PC.

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