HP planning smartphone return

HP will get back into the smartphone business... eventually. Yam Su Yin, HP's Senior Director of consumer PCs and media tablets for the Asia Pacific region, admitted as much to The Indian Express. No timetable was given for the device's release, but Yin did have this to say:

Being late you have to create a different set of proposition. There are still things that can be done. Its not late. When HP has a smartphone, it will give a differentiated experience.

Wait, what? HP bought Palm for $1.2 billion just over three years ago. That acquisition gave the PC giant not only a toehold in the smartphone market, but also a truly differentiated experience via WebOS. The opportunity was squandered, though. The OS went on to power the failed TouchPad tablet and Pre 3 smartphone before languishing in limbo and eventually being sold to LG in February.

HP transferred "engineering talent" as part of its WebOS deal with LG, so there may not be much Palm DNA left at HP to influence a future smartphone product. If there isn't, that's a shame. Palm's history can be traced back to the first PDAs, and its expertise in the field is probably what made WebOS so good.

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