Asus' 4K monitor ships July 16, up for pre-order at $3,500

Remember that 4K monitor Asus announced a month ago? The 31.5" monster is due to ship July 16, and you can order one starting today. Amazon and Newegg both have pre-order pages up for the PQ321Q, which rings in at a jaw-dropping $3,500.

The PQ321Q is pretty swanky; its 3840x2160 resolution boasts more than twice as many pixels as the 2560x1600 resolution typical of 30" monitors. The resulting pixel density is higher, too: 140 versus 101 PPI. That density may not compete with the best notebook, tablet, and smartphone displays, but it's a big step up from current desktop fare.

Thanks to Sharp's IGZO panel tech, the PQ321Q promises wide 176° horizontal and vertical viewing angles. The screen also supports 10-bit color and has an eight-millisecond gray-to-gray response time. You can view the rest of the display's essential stats right here.

Obviously, the PQ321Q is a pricey proposition. 30" displays like Dell's UltraSharp U3011 sell for about $1,200 online, and 50" 4K TVs can be found for less than $100 more. Neither competes with the PQ321Q's pixel density, though. This 32" Sharp monitor does, and it appears to be based on the same panel, but the asking price is nearly $5,000. In that context, Asus' 31.5-incher looks like a relative bargain.

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