Rainbow of Cherry MX switches lines Cooler Master QuickFire XT keyboard

Add another mechanical keyboard to the growing ranks equipped with green Cherry MX switches. The heavily sprung, Model M-like key switches are one of four options for Cooler Master's new QuickFire XT, which also comes in red, blue, and brown flavors.

Unlike the tenkeyless, blank-cap QuickFire Stealth that appeared in April, the XT is a more straightforward design. It has a full 104-key layout with traditional, laser-etched lettering. There are no programmable macro keys or LED backlight to be found. Instead, you get a handful of media shortcuts, N-key rollover in PS/2 mode, and the ability to disable the Windows key. Cooler Master also includes a key puller and some extra caps.

Perhaps thanks to the limited feature payload, the frame is very compact, with thin bezels all around. Cooler Master makes the USB cable detachable for easy transport, and the whole thing is draped in a matte black finish that looks rather nice.

Starting today, folks in North America should be able to get their hands on versions of the QuickFire XT with red or blue MX switches for $100 and $90, respectively. Cooler Master tells us the brown and green variants probably won't arrive stateside until August or September. Given the high demand for the associated switches, I'd expect those models to have higher prices.

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