Touchscreen tech integrated into Sharp 4K display

Sharp already makes one 4K PC monitor. The 32" PN-K321 has a 3840x2160 display resolution, and it sells for about $5,000 online. Now, it has a touch-equipped sibling. Sharp announced the PN-K322B in Japan yesterday, bringing proprietary touch tech to its ultra-high-definition display.

The capacitive touch panel supports 10-finger input, but it's not meant for swiping around the Windows 8 UI. This is a tool for real artists. Sharp says the touchscreen comes with a stylus that has a precise two-millimeter tip. The touch tech also features "palm cancellation," allowing the stylus to be used in a natural writing position. Speaking of which, the display can be propped up at a shallow 25° angle.

Apart from its touch capability, the PN-K322B is very similar to its sibling—and to Asus' 4K display. All three use Sharp's IGZO panel, which promises excellent color reproduction and wide viewing angles. Inputs include dual HDMI and one DisplayPort.

Neither of the two Japanese press releases (here's the second one) announcing the PN-K322B reveals whether the monitor will be available in North America. Customers in Japan can look forward to getting one on July 30, though. Sharp plans to make only 250 units a month, so this won't be a high-volume offering. The suggested retail price hasn't been set, but you can probably bet on it drifting north of five grand if this thing ever turns up stateside.

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