Leaked specifications reveal Bay Trail-based Atom, Celeron, and Pentium processors

We've already taken an in-depth look at the Silvermont architecture that will underpin Intel's next-generation Atom processors. Now, details have leaked out on the specifications of some of those processors. The information first appeared on Baidu but seems to have disappeared since. Fortunately, EXPreview captured the details, which we've arranged in a handy table below.

Model Family CPU cores CPU clock Max GPU clock SDP TDP
Atom E3840 Bay Trail-I 4 1.91GHz 792MHz NA 10W
Atom E3823 Bay Trail-I 2 1.75GHz 792MHz NA 8W
Atom E3822 Bay Trail-I 2 1.46GHz 667MHz NA 7W
Atom E3821 Bay Trail-I 2 1.33GHz 533MHz NA 6W
Atom E3810 Bay Trail-I 1 1.46GHz 400MHz NA 5W
Pentium N3510 Bay Trail-M 4 2.00GHz 750MHz 4.5W 7.5W
Celeron N2910 Bay Trail-M 4 1.60GHz 756MHz 4.5W 7.5W
Celeron N2810 Bay Trail-M 2 2.00GHz 756MHz 4.5W 7.5W
Celeron N2805 Bay Trail-M 2 1.46GHz 667MHz <2.5W 4.5W
Pentium J2850 Bay Trail-D 4 2.41GHz 792MHz NA 10W
Celeron J1850 Bay Trail-D 4 2.00GHz 792MHz NA 10W
Celeron J1750 Bay Trail-D 2 2.41GHz 792MHz NA 10W

The leak covers multiple variants of Bay Trail, the 22-nm SoC that will serve as Silvermont's launch vehicle. As expected, the chip will span Atom, Celeron, and Pentium families. Bay Trail-M and -D variants will purportedly have Celeron and Pentium branding, while Bay Trail-I will fuel the Atom line.

According to the leaked specifications, Bay Trail-D's CPU frequency will scale as high as 2.4GHz. Those chips will have 10W TDPs, and I suspect they'll appear in all-in-one and small-form-factor systems. A Bay Trail-powered NUC is probably in the cards.

The Bay Trail-M processors are the only ones with SDP ratings. Otherwise known as Scenario Design Power, SDP refers to power draw under sustained loads rather than short bursts. We first saw SDP ratings attached to Intel's Y-series Ivy Bridge chips, which are aimed at tablets and convertibles. Bay Trail-M is probably targeted at similar systems.

If the leaked information is accurate, Bay Trail-I will power a broad range of Atom processors from the single-core E3810 to the quad-core E3840. The lineup should cover TDP ratings from 5-10W, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were restricted to cheaper devices.

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