Rockstar shows off Grand Theft Auto V gameplay

In April, Rockstar introduced us to the three characters that players will control in Grand Theft Auto V. That character trailer gave us a sense of the narrative behind Rockstar's upcoming open-world game, but it was decidedly short on gameplay footage. Now, the studio has released a new trailer that shows more of the game in action. Warning: some of the language is NSFW.

The three characters appear to be essential to not only the story, but also the gameplay. Players will be able to switch between the characters during missions and while roaming the vast world. It looks like players will have some freedom in planning their own heists, as well.

For most folks, Grand Theft Auto games tend to be more about fooling around in the giant sandbox Rockstar provides. GTA V will offer no shortage of extra-curricular activities, including shopping, golf, hunting, cycling, and yoga. There will probably be a strip club or two in the game, too.

Grand Theft Auto controls have always felt a little off to me, especially while driving. Rockstar has tweaked the game mechanics for GTA V, though, and it promises more responsive action. Unfortunately, the studio hasn't confirmed whether there will be a PC release. Only the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are listed on Rockstar's site. GTA V is surely coming to next-gen consoles, and I suspect that a PC release will follow... eventually. The last GTA game hit the PC seven months after the initial console release.

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