Sam Fisher goes aggro in Splinter Cell Blacklist gameplay trailer

Yesterday, Nvidia announced that it's bundling Splinter Cell Blacklist with most of its mid-range and high-end GeForce cards. We've already seen the game's promising adversarial multiplayer component, which pits spies versus mercenaries. Now, Ubisoft has served up a glimpse of single-player action:

The trailer offers plenty of skulking around in the dark, but there's little attempt to bypass combat. For me, part of the fun of the Splinter Cell games—and most stealth-oriented titles—is taking out enemies without detection rather than avoiding violence altogether. The chase sequence suggests Blacklist will have plenty of more straightforward action sequences, complete with slow-motion gunplay.

According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Blacklist plays a lot like a sequel to Splinter Cell Conviction. The last chapter in the series was a distinctly offensive affair, and that trend will apparently continue. However, RPS says Blacklist also demands a fair amount of stealth and offers some "really interesting locations" to sneak around.

That all sounds great, but I wish the mission in the trailer looked less linear. Sam Fisher should really be unleashed in a more open environment. Let's hope the multiplayer gives folks plenty of freedom.

BlackList is scheduled for release on August 20. The Nvidia bundle is good until December 31 or "while supplies last."

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