Don't miss the free iOS games this week

We should have posted about this fact sooner, but there's still time for iOS device owners to grab a bunch of free games and other apps in the App Store this week. Apple is celebrating five years of the App Store with a nice little promo involving some free premiere apps.

Among the freebies is Infinity Blade II, one of the few iOS games that offers the sort of depth—and visual fidelity—you might expect from a PC game. My second-favorite iOS game series is Where's My Water?, which is also free this week. Other highlights include Tiny Wings, Badland, and the charming 8-bit adventure Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Oh, and Angry Birds: Star Wars is free today, too.

Several popular non-gaming apps are free this week, as well, including kitchen reference How to Cook Everything and Traktor DJ, for those who want drop some sick beats by, uh, tapping a screen.

Anyhow, just go to the app store and click "install" on a whole bunch of things while they're free. You can delete them afterward if you don't need 'em right now, but they'll be yours to download again later. If you own both an iPhone and an iPad, note that some of these apps have separate small-screen and HD versions, so you'll want to grab both via iTunes if you can.

If all of that somehow isn't enough to keep you occupied in the loo, PC classics Knights of the Old Republic and Limbo have recently come to iOS, too, although you'll have to pay for those.

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