Steam, Amazon roll out summer game sales

A couple of times a year, Valve tempts impulse buyers by massively discounting a whole whack of Steam games. This year's Summer Sale is upon us, and there are some great deals to be had. On the menu for the next couple of hours: the simply beautiful BioShock Infinite for $30, the mind-blowing indie puzzler AntiChamber for $6.80, and retro favorite Hotline Miami for $2.50. Dishonored is down to $18, too, and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has been discounted to $11.24.

In an interesting twist, Valve is letting folks vote for a series of Community's Choice deals. Right now, Saint's Row The Third is selling for only $5. For the next deal, which will go live in a couple of hours, you can vote for Grand Theft Auto IV, Portal 2, or Mirror's Edge. Those games are already 50% off, but the winner will be even cheaper.

Valve isn't the only one with Steam games on sale. Amazon has been selling Steam download codes for a while, and it has its own Digital Games Summer Sale. Numerous titles are discounted, and until July 14, you can shave off another 15% using coupon code "Gooncave" (without the quotes). Thanks to that coupon, BioShock Infinite can be had for about $25, Sleeping Dogs rings in at $8.50, and the new Tomb Raider game is down to $15. A personal favorite of mine, the excellent indie side-scroller Mark of the Ninja, is just $6 after the coupon code.

Steam is listed as the DRM for all of those Amazon deals. The e-tailer is also fronting for Origin, and it has some decent discounts on a couple of games that are exclusive to that service. Battlefield 3: Premium Edition, which includes all five DLC packs, is selling for $20. It's unclear whether the coupon code works for that game, but it can be applied to Crysis 3. Crytek's latest shooter should set you back only $17 after the extra discount.

I wouldn't expect the Amazon sale to change too much, but the Steam one is updated with new flash and Community's Choice discounts every eight hours. There are fresh daily deals, as well, so it's worth checking the store periodically. The Steam sale ends July 22.

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