Job posting reveals plans for Linux version of CryEngine

Linux can do a lot of things, but can it run Crysis? Not without emulation. However, a job posting on the Crytek website suggests the Crysis franchise could make its way to the alternative OS. Crytek is looking for someone to "maintain Linux support for CryENGINE."

First spotted by Linux Games, the job description doesn't mention porting existing titles. Successful applicants will be charged with supporting both internal and external developers, though. Engine licensees will presumably have the option of offering Linux versions of their games.

Linux has a minuscule installed base among gamers, but Valve's Steam console is expected to run a variant of the OS. If the so-called Steam box is a success, the size of the Linux gaming market could grow dramatically. Valve already has a Linux version of its own Source engine, and the studio has been steadily porting its back catalog of games. Plenty of indie developers are offering Linux variants of their games, as well.

Earlier this year, Crytek CEO Cervat Yerli said he expected all of the developer's games to be free-to-play within five years. What better way to complement those titles than with a free operating system?

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