GeForce 326.19 betas boost performance, add SLI profiles

A new set of beta GeForce drivers has become available. This release, numbered 326.19, includes some performance optimizations and adds SLI profiles for a couple of unreleased games.

According to Nvidia, the 326.19 betas improve performance by as much as 19% across all GeForces from the 400 series on up. As an example, the company says the GeForce GTX 770 can see an improvement of up to 15% in Dirt: Showdown and 6% in Tomb Raider. Run a couple of GTX 770s together in SLI mode, and performance can go up even further—as much as 19% in Dirt: Showdown and 11% in F1 2012.

In addition, Nvidia says it's added SLI profiles for Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Batman: Arkham Origins. Those games aren't coming out until August 20 and October 25, respectively, so I guess GeForce users can look forward to SLI support from day one.

Oh, and the release notes make no mention of this, but this news post on the website says the 326.19 betas also improve SLI performance in Arma 3 and add support for Asus' PQ321Q, a 31.5" monitor with a 3840x2160 resolution.

You can download the new drivers here for 64-bit version of Windows or here for 32-bit systems.

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