Are you deftly navigating the Steam Summer Sale?

I've been watching the Steam Summer Sale pretty closely, checking in at least a couple of times each day. My experience of the sale isn't quite as hysterically amazing as it used to be, simply because I usually have most of the games, either as press copies or because I bought them when they came out. Still, I friggin' love these sales, even if I'm buying games I may not try for six months. (Heh, with 150 games on my Steam list, six months may be optimisic.)

So far this year, I've grabbed Mark of the Ninja, which Geoff enjoyed, and Gunpoint. I also picked up a Steam key for Sacred 2 Gold on Amazon. All three games were under four bucks each. I'm watching carefully to see if Monaco goes on sale. And I'm sorely tempted by Antichamber for $6.79. Hmm.

For those of you who don't own most big-name games already, there have been some absolute steals already this year—and I think many of them will be back again in the sale's last days. As I write, Batman: Arkham City is $7.49. Worth it. The strangely underrated Sleeping Dogs is $6.24. Worth it. I've seen a similar deal for the new Tomb Raider, which is a better game than you're probably expecting, and they had my favorite game possibly ever, Borderlands 2, for 10 bucks. Worth it and so worth it.

What games have you grabbed in the sale, and which ones are you still hoping to see go on sale for less? Anything we should be sure to pick up while it's cheap? Any Steam Sale strategy tips to share, like the "buy as a gift" trick?

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