Report: Upcoming Dell Precision laptop has 3200x1800 screen

The Retina display on Apple's top-of-the-line MacBook Pro is a sight to behold, with 2880x1800 pixels crammed into a 15.4" panel. Dell may have something even more impressive up its sleeve, though. According to Dutch site, a 15.4" Dell Precision mobile workstation due late this year will have an eye-popping 3200x1800 display resolution.

Dubbed the Precision M3800, the system will reportedly have "matte black surfaces and aluminum edge[s]." Under those will lurk a quad-core Haswell processor (the Core i7-4702MQ), Nvidia Quadro graphics, up to 16 gigs of RAM, and a choice of either a 1TB hard drive or a 512GB solid-state drive. Despite those impressive specs, the system is said to be just 18 mm (0.71") thick and to weigh only "2 kilos" (4.41 lbs).

Asking price? Between $1,699 and $1,999.

The story isn't sourced, so we can't confirm its accuracy. However, Engadget received confirmation of the Precision M3800's existence from Dell. The company confirmed the thickness and the weight (which it says is actually 4.5 lbs) but declined to reveal additional details. It added, "Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks."

Two grand is a lot for a laptop, but it's actually less than what Apple charges for the 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display. The cheapest version of that machine is priced at $2,199, and there's a higher-spec model selling for $2,799. If Dell can deliver more megapixels for less scratch, that sounds fine by me.

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