Kansas City gerbils, it's time for a TR meetup

It's been far too long since our last TR meetup here in my hometown of Lee's Summit, Missouri.

If you live in the Kansas City metro area, you can help us right that wrong by making your way to The Peanut in Lee's Summit on Saturday, August 3 at 5PM.

I'll be there along with TR biz guy Adam Eiberger, and we may have an appearance from TR co-founder Andy "Dr. Evil" Brown, if things go our way. We'll grab some drinks and talk about whatever you're interested in discussing. I expect we'll have some older hardware and some shirts to give away.

The Peanut has the best wings in KC, so there's that, too.

We'll probably be around for at least a couple of hours, so plan to drop by during that time if you can. We'll be sure to wear our TR shirts, so we'll be easy to pick out from the crowd. My face will be the one smeared with wing sauce.

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