Thief will be an AMD Gaming Evolved title

AMD has been stepping up its developer relations efforts for a while now, collaborating with the development teams behind many recent PC blockbusters. This week, AMD released a list of some of the latest games that have become part of its Gaming Evolved program. The list includes Eidos Montreal's Thief.

Thief is due out in 2014, and it's a reboot of the classic first-person sneaking and exploration series by the now-defunct Looking Glass Studios. Many details about the game have yet to be made public, but we did see a tantalizing 10-minute gameplay video last month. We also know that Eidos Montreal has added some new gameplay mechanics, including new combat moves and a third-person camera.

AMD hasn't said what the Gaming Evolved partnership will entail. However, in the past, some Gaming Evolved titles have featured Radeon-specific graphical goodies, and some have been bundled with Radeon graphics cards as part of AMD's Never Settle and Never Settle Reloaded promotions.

In addition to Thief, the list of new Gaming Evolved additions includes Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Final Fantasy XIV, Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Pirate 101, and Shadow of the Eternals.

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