Friday night topic: hair reconfigurations

I've never been a beard guy. Had the clean look nearly all of my adult life, with a brief exception of a goatee experiment that didn't work out. Part of the problem is my lack of, er, follicluar density, and some is the combination of blonde, red, and white hair in my beard that blends into a convincing flesh tone. I can't grow a good beard quickly, if at all.

However, long ago I promised myself to make a change whenever my hairline's backward march went too far. I would at least attempt to shift my hair's center of gravity to the lower part of my head. The noggin/jaw parity look is a good one, and I figured I should try to pull it off.

Recently, the tipping point came. I had my barber trim my hair really short, and I stopped shaving. Slowly but surely, I'm attempting this new look. Dunno if it'll work out, but I'm making an earnest effort.

Doesn't hurt that facial hair has gotta be more popular now than at any time since, I dunno, the seventies? Growing a beard wasn't exactly an option for me back then.

I'm curious. Since our readership is something ridiculous like 98% male, let me ask you all. Have you undergone any major hair reconfigurations? If so, what change did you make, and how did it work out for you? Did you see differences in how folks reacted to you socially? Was there a look you liked that you just couldn't pull off personally?

Ladies, feel free to chime in on your own hair reconfigurations, which may be more common than the dudes' attempts. Or perhaps offer us some insight on whether beards work for you on guys. I dunno. The two of you can decide how to contribute. Just don't feel left out!


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