Weekend Shortbread

7 Up

  1. Neowin: Ballmer states that Windows is not
    selling well enough
    , next-gen Surface in testing
  2. IDF San Francisco 2013: Intel to unveil
    new product optimizations - DigiTimes
  3. SIGGRAPH 2013 highlights from Anaheim, CA
  4. DigiTimes: Shipments of 15" notebooks are
    decreasing, while 11" notebook shipments are rising
  5. DigiTimes Supply Chain Window: PCs
    are not dying, just continuing to evolve
  6. DigiTimes commentary: AMD should
    not overly rely on game consoles
  7. Something new for QuakeCon 2013: The QuakeCon Trials


  1. Opera Desktop Team posts Opera Next 16 update
  2. Techgage on Adobe Lightroom 5
  3. C.O.D. lists top Firefox extensions for normal people
  4. Newegg's deals
Systems, storage, and networking

  1. PureOC reviews ECS Z87H3-A2X Extreme Golden
  2. KitGuru's Gigabyte Z87-D3HP motherboard review
  3. HotHardware reviews SanDisk Extreme
    microSDXC UHS-I memory card
  4. techPowerUp! reviews QNAP TS-421 & QTS 4.0
  5. CowcotLand reviews QNAP TS-269L NAS (in French)
  6. HTL's Asus PCE-N15 wireless-N PCI-E adapter review
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. Ocaholic's 1250W XFX ProSeries PSU review
  2. Technology X's review 500W Cougar RX series PSU
  3. ThinkComputers features L3p Parvum case mod
  4. LanOC Reviews on Thermaltake Urban S21 case
  5. Hardware Secrets reviews Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus case
  6. Technic3D's EKL Alpenfoehn Brocken 2 cooler review (in German)
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