Man, it's definitely vacation season. We're kind of in the summer doldrums in terms of the volume of tech news lately, but we do have a few interesting things lined up for you this week. Also, who knows, something unexpected may happen.

One thing I'll be doing is prepping for the TR meetup here in the Kansas City area this coming Saturday evening, August 3. That event kicks off at 5PM at The Peanut in Lee's Summit. If you're in the area, I'd advise attending. I've been gathering up extra video cards and such to give away at TR BBQ X, but the meetup comes first and will get first crack at some of that hardware.

I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm hoping the latest podcast turned out well. We tackled quite a few listener questions that came in over e-mail and Twitter, and we took the time to record a longer episode. I'm not sure where to land on that issue. We've preferred shorter, tighter episodes lately, but I sometimes wonder if we should just take our time when we can. We're 138 episodes in, and it feels like we still have a lot to learn about this medium.

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