iOS 7 beta hints at iPhone with fingerprint sensor

Biometric phone unlocking is in. Android got face recognition a couple of years back, and now, Apple is about to follow suit with fingerprint recognition. Or at least, that's what the evidence out there seems to suggest.

As 9to5Mac reports, a few text strings in the latest iOS 7 beta all but confirms that a fingerprint sensor will make its way onto the next iPhone. The strings include:

A fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process._"

And also:

iPhoto of a person holding an iPhone with their right hand while touching the Home button with their thumb_Recognition is.

Quoting a "source familiar with the development of the new iPhone," 9to5Mac says the fingerprint recognition user interface is now complete. Judging by the content of the strings, users may be able to unlock the next-gen iPhone using their fingerprint by simply touching the home button. That would certainly be an intuitive way to go about it.

I'm not going to replace my iPhone 5 anytime soon, but I do hope to get a device with biometric authentication some time in the future. Passcode- or connect-the-dots-based authentication schemes are good enough for most of us, but it's hard to keep your code secret when entering it on a big, colorful touch-screen in public.

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