Microsoft cuts Surface Pro to $799 until August 29

If you've kept up with the news lately, you'll know that sales of Microsoft's Surface tablets haven't been stellar. In fact, Microsoft has lost more than it's earned from the tablets so far.

It's not for lack of trying, though.

In its latest attempt to spur sales, Microsoft has kicked off a promotion that shaves $100 off the price of its Surface Pro tablet. The promotion brings the 64GB Surface Pro to just $799 and the 128GB variant to $899, and it's set to continue until August 29—or as long as supplies last.

$799 is still quite steep for a tablet, of course. But then again, the Surface Pro is more of a tablet-ified ultrabook than an Android slate or an iPad. It's got a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 1080p display, a 1080p screen resolution, and the full-fledged version of Windows 8 Pro. Throw in the $130 Type Cover, and you've got something very close to a convertible ultrabook.

Microsoft's closest competitor for Apple and Android tablets is the Surface RT, whose price was slashed to $349 three weeks ago, seemingly for good. The Surface RT launched at $499 last year, but it met with limited success. Last month, Microsoft wrote off $900 million due to "inventory adjustments" for the device.

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