1. Take Dell's Intel vs. AMD survey (thanks AMDZone)
  2. GideonTech has MSConfig for Windows 2000
  3. Electic Tech reports on nanotechnology
  4. osOpinion on OS X and BeOS
  5. Praise for Judge Jackson (thanks rand)
  6. C|Net on Windows XP's hardware headaches (thanks rand)
  7. Will .Net support Linux? (thanks rand)
  8. Get a free Trojan when you sign up for Juno (thanks ---k)
  9. Icrontic on the Napster controversy
  10. Maximum Reboot reviews 3D Studio MAX 4
  11. 3DSpotlight updates IE6 tweak guide
  12. HardwareCentral's PC Expo report: part two
  13. SourceMagazine's 15 minutes with Leadfoot: stadium off road racing
  14. Futurelooks reviews Red Faction for the PS2
  15. Alternate URL for Adrian's Rojak Pot (Abit KG7-RAID and NV7 info here)

  1. The Inquirer on Hitachi's 'smart chip' (thanks rand)
  2. VIAHardware's C3 project PC
  3. Rojak Pot reviews Dell Inspiron 8000 w/NVIDIA GeForce2 Go
    and updates PDA Panache Trio-1 triple-function stylus review
  4. Accelenation on AOpen AK73-1394(A)
  5. Maximum3D reviews Abit KT7E
  6. Tweak3D reviews Iwill KD266
  7. PlanetSavage reviews EPoX 8KTA3+ Pro
  8. LostCircuits reviews Shuttle AK31
  9. reviews MSI Pro266 Master
  10. PCstats reviews OCZ MicroBGA PC-166 256MB SDRAM
  11. Electic Tech on Winbond's RIMMS
  12. SystemLogic reviews Handspring Visor Edge
Graphics and video

  1. Guru3D's SoftQuadro article
  2. X-bit labs takes a second look at the Kyro II
  3. HotHardware reviews LeadTek WinFast GF3 TD
  4. AnandTech reviews MSI StarForce 822 GF3
  5. PC Hardware reviews Abit Siluro T400
  6. SoundCardCentral reviews Sigma Designs Hollywood Plus DVD decoder
  7. SourceMagazine reviews Pinnacle Systems DV500 Plus
Multimedia, telecom, case, and cooling

  1. X-bit labs on Seagate 40GB/platter U Series 6 hard drives (thanks rand)
  2. EverythingUSB on Imation RipGo! MP3/CD player
  3. Neoseeker reviews HP Photosmart 1218 printer
  4. Digit Life on modem compression: V.44 against V.42bis
  5. Electic Tech on D-Link DI-714 wireless broadband router
  6. GamePC reviews Linksys wireless ethernet
  7. Tech-GODS reviews Sungmin Minion IMT1000B case
  8. I am not a geek reviews Cool-View 92mm window kit
  9. Rizenet reviews HighSpeed PC AGP AirLift cooler

  1. Virus signature updates for Inoculan 4.0/InoculateIT 4.5x/Inoculan 6.0
  2. Motherboard Monitor v5.08
  3. Opera v5.12 for Windows
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