Ex-Monolith developers introduce mysterious, black-and-white FPS

What's black and white but occasionally red? Betrayer, a new first-person shooter from Blackpowder Games. The mostly monochrome title is set in a New World colony in 1604, and the trailer provides a hint of what to expect:

The aesthetic reminds me a little bit of MadWorld—minus the KMFDM influences. Surprisingly, the Betrayer started out as a more colorful affair. According to PC Gamer, Blackpowder opted for a black-and-white look because testers found it added to the game's sense of tension and mystery.

Mystery seems to factor heavily into the gameplay, which is more about exploration than combat. You're tasked with discovering what happened to an abandoned British settlement. Rather than being led through a series of objectives, players will have to search for clues on their own. The final game should take about five hours to complete, and it'll cost only $15. The first hour and a half will be available via Steam's Early Access program on August 14.

Some of the folks working on Betrayer were responsible for Monolith classics like Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, No One Lives Forever, and F.E.A.R., lending pedigree to what looks like a novel concept. Unfortunately, there's no word on when the game is expected to be completed.

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