Latest Humble Bundle gets even more big-name games

These Humble Bundles are getting kind of insane. They're not limited to smaller indie games anymore. Big-name publishers are getting in on the action, releasing collections of older blockbusters for whatever you'd like to pay.

The latest Deep Silver package is pretty loaded, and it's gotten even bigger since last week. There are now Steam codes for Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row 2, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2 Gold. If you pay more than the $5 average, you'll also get copies of Dead Island GOTY, Metro 2033, Risen 1, Sacred Citadel, and all the Saint's Row 3 DLC. Shelling out more than $25 unlocks Dead Island Riptide, as well.

As usual, the bundle comes along with a cheesy promo trailer. At least these guys aren't wasting money on fancy video production.

In addition to the games, the bundle includes separate soundtracks for Saint's Row 3, Risen 2, Sacred 2, Risen, and Dead Island Riptide. Those last two soundtracks are only unlocked by paying enough to get the associated games, of course.

Over 368,000 of the Deep Silver bundles have sold as I'm writing this. Interestingly, though, the $5 average isn't any higher than what we're used to seeing with indie-oriented collections. The number of games isn't really any different, either. Not that I'm complaining. Even if you tapped out your wallet during the Steam Summer Sale, it only takes a few bucks to pad your library further.

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