We're giving away a Core i7-4770K at TR BBQ X

Yep, thanks to the folks at Intel, we'll have a Core i7-4770K Haswell processor to give away to one lucky person who attends this year's TR BBQ on August 17.  I believe our biz guy, Adam, is working on lining up a motherboard to go with it.  We have a ton of other stuff to give away, too, including various bits of surplus hardware from Damage Labs and a box full of T-shirts with a brand-new, exclusive TR design.

Bottom line: if you come and join us for barbecue, yard games, swimming, fireworks, and a beachfront campfire, you're more than likely to come away with some pretty good loot, too.

In case you've missed it, here's a shot of the trunk-full o' fireworks we'll be detonating come nightfall.

After that, we typically light the campfire with a flamethrower. Then things get interesting.

As ever, the tenth-annual TR BBQ will be held in Holland, Michigan, on the shores of lake Michigan. You can get all of the info in the forum thread, and I believe Dr. Fish and the gang would appreciate if you'd do a quick post if you expect to attend. Helps with planning.

Adam and I will be driving up from Kansas City to attend, and other folks come from as far away as Texas and California. Your excuses for not attending are moot! If you're from England, you should start swimming now. Get going.

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