There are just under three days left in our latest giveaway!

Yes, our summer o' giveaways is still going. As part of our latest contest, we're asking folks to get creative and slap together an anthropomorphic sculpture out of PC parts. The winner will be rewarded with a PowerColor Radeon HD 7950, a Samsung P3 1TB portable external hard drive, and a Rosewill Throne gaming enclosure—all kindly donated by Newegg.

We'll be accepting entries until Monday, August 12 at noon, CDT and announcing the winner's name the following day. That means if you haven't participated yet, you've still got all weekend to do so. Contributions should go in the contest entry thread in our forums. You'll find the contest entry rules in there, as well. (Do read those before participating.)

We have some great submissions already, but I'm sure some of you folks out there can do better. Remember, we'll be rewarding whoever comes up with the funniest and/or most original creation. Any kind of computer hardware is fair game, and you can spice things up with apparel like glasses, hats, and shoes if you wish.

Good luck! And once again, thanks to Newegg for donating the prizes.

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