Friday night topic: Your worst job?

What's the worst job you ever had? What episode at that job best summarizes its problems?

I think the worst job I ever had was at Taco Bell. First "real" job at age 16. I lasted about three hours.

I told the manager I had a prior commitment before showing up for an initial training session. I needed to finish by a certain time to make that commitment. She started a training video, stood me and a couple of other newbies in front of it, and proceeded to leave the store for some reason. No one was there to sign me out or whatever. The video ran way over, and I missed my commitment. Realized the manager wasn't going respect my time and promptly quit. I still think it was the right call, years later.

I've had much more demanding jobs, physically and mentally, and much crazier bosses and employment scenarios, but none gave me the creeping feeling of doom that one did.

What was your worst job? Discuss.

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