Nvidia: Early Shield sales ''have been great''

After Nvidia's earnings report went up on Friday, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang got on a conference call to discuss the results with analysts and journalists. Among other things, Huang revealed that sales of the Shield, Nvidia's freshly released handheld gaming console, are off to a good start.

Here's SeekingAlpha's transcript of the comments Huang made:

SHIELD is doing great. The early reviews are fantastic. . . . Sales have been great. Everything that we shipped so far has sold out and – but we're just starting to ramp production, we've shipped out to our partners only several thousand units, and so it's still quite early to tell. But we're expecting to do quite well with SHIELD.

Clearly, Nvidia didn't go overboard with early production numbers. Keep in mind, though, that the device costs $299, isn't available outside of the U.S. and Canada, and has only been shipping since July 31. Also, the Shield isn't exactly a conventional gaming product. In light of those facts, the numbers quoted by Huang do sound quite encouraging.

Huang isn't kidding about early reviews, either. Those that we've seen were quite positive overall, praising the device's build quality and the wireless game streaming feature, which seems to work nicely despite bearing the "beta" label.

(Thanks to GamesIndustry for the heads-up.)

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