LG releases balloons with smartphone vouchers, prompting chaos

It's hard to believe this actually happened, but apparently it's true. The BBC reports that LG executed a marketing stunt in Seoul on Friday in which it "released 100 helium balloons, each with a free smartphone voucher," at a publicity event.

The phones are worth about $900 each, and consequently, folks showed up sporting BB guns and, in one case, a "pointed staff" to pop the balloons.

The pandemonium following the balloon release left 20 people injured.

LG has cancelled future events in what evidently was a planned series.

Nope, still can't believe it entirely. This is like a reality TV-inspired version of the famous WKRP turkey drop stunt that keys on provoking man's inhumanity to man. Would be weirdly awesome if real people weren't getting hurt in the process. Instead, it's just sheer insanity.

For the uninitiated, here's the WKRP turkey drop in a nutshell.

At least it was fictional.

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