We have a winner in our 'get creative' contest—actually, make that winners

A couple of weeks ago, we kicked off the latest contest in our summer o' giveaways. This time, we invited readers to arrange PC parts into something anthropomorphic. We've gotten some really great submissions, and after much debating, we've finally selected our winner.

Congratulations, rookiebeotch. Your clever use of cut-up graphics-card and router parts (among other things) has earned you a PowerColor Radeon HD 7950, a Samsung P3 1TB portable external hard drive, and a Rosewill Throne gaming enclosure—all donated by Newegg. We'll be sending a private message to your TR forums account shortly in order to arrange delivery of your prizes.

To be honest with you, though, picking a single winner out of all the fantastic submissions we received was tough. Too tough. That's why we selected two runners-up, each one of whom will receive a consolation prize from TR's giant stack of hardware.

The runners up are sis_of_fish and NoahC. Congratulations, folks! You've each won an A8-6600K processor kindly supplied by AMD. The A8-6600K retails for $119.99 at Newegg right now; it has four cores, a 3.9GHz clock speed, Radeon HD 8570D integrated graphics, and a 100W thermal envelope. The "K" in the model number means that the chip has a fully unlocked upper multiplier, as well, so you can overclock unimpeded.

Finally, honorable mention goes to njoydesign, who put together an impressive entry despite being ineligible for the contest due to residing in the UK. Good work, man!

To everyone else, thanks for participating! You'll find all the submissions in the image gallery below. Also, once again, thanks to both Newegg and AMD for supplying our prizes and making this contest possible.

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