Watch Dogs trailer highlights hacking gameplay

Watch Dogs is due to hit the PC in a few months, and the folks behind it have kicked off a series of gameplay videos that provide a sense of what to expect. The first chapter explains how hacking will factor into the game. Apparently, the entire city will be at your disposal:

Players will be able to use their 1337 skillz to spy on in-game characters, intercept crimes in progress, and manipulate various elements of the game world. There's also a "focus mode" that slows down time to provide an opportunity to integrate hacking into more action-oriented sequences.

The trailer shows snippets of combat, so Watch Dogs isn't just about cyber warfare. Some of the visuals look very nice, as well—and I don't just mean the gratuitous cleavage shot. Watch Dogs is coming to current-gen consoles in addition to the PC and PlayStation 4, but it's unclear which platform was used to create the trailer. Ubisoft has revealed that the PC is the primary development platform for the game, though. Let's hope there's plenty of extra eye candy for people with high-end graphics cards.

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