Ubisoft: The Division is coming to the PC

Back when it was first announced and demoed at E3, I thought The Division looked like one of the best things to come out of that show. A key question lingered, though: would Ubisoft be bringing it to the PC? The E3 announcement was strangely mute on that subject.

Because the PC is a platform in decline—hey, I read it at Engadget, so it must be true—it should come as no surprise that 140,000 souls flocked to sign a petition asking Ubisoft to make a PC version of the game.

Now, either because this was their plan all along or because of the grass-roots outcry, Ubisoft has announced that the game will be coming to the PC. They've also pledged "to provide you with a first-rate PC experience," which is what I like to hear. Here's the video announcement, complete with a game developer talking to the camera amid dramatic music. Because this totally was not planned.

This game looks fantastic, and I can't wait to drive it properly: with a keyboard and mouse.

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