Gamescom trailers reveal more of Titanfall, BF4, and Thief

The Gamescom show gets underway in Cologne, Germany tomorrow. As one might expect, publishers are eager to show off their upcoming titles to the European crowd. Some have jumped the gun by posting new trailers a day early. Among the most impressive is this four-minute preview of Titanfall gameplay:

Although some of the background music feels like it's been pulled from the Battlefield series, the gameplay looks decidedly different. The action feels like a cross between Call of Duty, Mirror's Edge, and MechWarrior—with jetpacks. There's also a nice mix of melee, long-range, and mechanized combat.

Titanfall isn't due until next spring, but you'll be able to play Battlefield 4 this year. In fact, the multiplayer beta is scheduled to begin in October. Here's the latest multiplayer trailer for the game.

The first part of the trailer isn't terribly inspiring; it looks like a 64-player BF3 match set on a reimagined Wake Island. But then the weather turns, the waves kick up, and a massive ship beaches itself on the shore. BF4's new water simulation provides rolling seas that should make the naval combat much more dynamic than it's been in previous iterations of the franchise.

Oddly, the trailer follows its barrage of frenetic, multiplayer action with a serene look at a few locales from the China Rising expansion pack. That DLC is free with BF4 pre-orders, which should be covered by the new Origin satisfaction guarantee.

Last, but not least, we have a fresh look at the new Thief game.

The other two trailers focus on gameplay, but this one is more about setting the stage for the narrative. Looks like our pickpocketing hero will be taking on the 1%. The visuals are impressive, though it's unclear how much of the footage is from pre-rendered cinematics rather than in-engine action. Either way, I like the overall mood. All we need is a better sense of how the game actually plays.

Thief is scheduled to be released in February, putting it nicely between BF4 and Titanfall. All three games are coming out on the PC in addition to consoles.

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