Report: AMD Hawaii graphics cards to 'mass ship' in October

In about a month's time, AMD will gather journalists for a press conference in Hawaii and show us... something. The latest echoes from the rumor mill suggest this something will be a new high-end GPU code-named, oddly enough, Hawaii.

Now, a story by DigiTimes has addressed the question of when Hawaii GPUs could ship. Quoting "sources from the upstream supply chain," the site claims that Asus, MSI, and PowerColor are all "expected to start mass shipping related products in October."

DigiTimes specifically refers to Hawaii as a next-gen high-end GPU, so there's little room for misinterpretation on that front.

Kicking off shipments in early October, a week or so after the press event, wouldn't be unusual. AMD and Nvidia tend to give reviewers some time to test products ahead of hard launches. Of course, the DigiTimes story doesn't mention when in October mass shipments will begin. It could be October 1, or it could be October 31. That means it's also possible that cards will be scarce until November.

I suppose time will tell. In any event, it sounds like AMD will have some next-gen graphics hardware in stores in time for Christmas.

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