It came from Taiwan: CrashAthon!

Ryu Connor kicks off a new column here at TR, Ryu's Ramblings, by recounting the epic tale of his heroic struggles against the sworn enemy of every Intel fanboy: Darth Via...
YES, LIKE IN A BAD GODZILLA MOVIE, it came forth from the sea and destroyed everything in its path. When it was done, things would never be the same again. Only perpetual fear of Darth VIA's evil pet remained. Of what am I speaking? My secondary Athlon box, which I have affectionately named CrashAthon.

Why? Because it will hard lock faster than a speeding bullet. Elicit frustration faster than a locomotive. Incite such great anger as to be thrown over tall buildings in a single bound.

He toyed with the enemy, and he got burned. Did Ryu recover and manage to emerge victorious? Can his experiences help you? Will Via's AGP 4X implementation *ever* really work right? Read on for all the answers...
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