EVE: Valkyrie promises multiplayer dogfights in virtual reality

With the Gamescom show on in Germany this week, new trailers abound. One of my favorites is also one of the shortest. Check out this 45-second teaser for EVE: Valkyrie:

Now, imagine playing that with a VR headset. EVE: Valkyrie is designed for virtual reality gear like the Oculus Rift.

According to the press release announcing the game, Valkyrie is a "multiplayer spaceship dogfighting shooter" set in the same universe as EVE Online. Valkyrie started as a tech demo, but it was apparently popular enough at this year's E3 show and EVE Fanfest to spawn a full-fledged game. The Fanfest trailer below shows off more in-game footage.

The old trailer has less of a Battlestar Galactica vibe than the new one, but it does include a little more action and what I presume is VR-driven head tracking. Checking your six will never be the same again. EVE: Valkyrie will presumably work with traditional PC monitors, too, but that setup surely won't deliver the same experience as a VR headset.

According to the announcement trailer, EVE: Valkyrie is due in 2014. The Oculus folks are aiming to have their first commercial headset available next year, as well. I can't wait to put the two together.

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