Backlit Cherry MX switches populate $70 Thermaltake keyboard

Mechanical keyboards keep multiplying. The latest model is the Thermaltake Poseidon, which promises to be one of the most affordable yet. The keyboard is slated to sell for just $70 in the US—at least $10 less than pretty much every other mechanical keyboard on the market.

Impressively, Thermaltake hasn't cut too many corners to bring down the Poseidon's price. The keyboard has Cherry MX blue switches that provide both a tactile bump and an audible click at the actuation point. The MX switches appear to be used throughout, so you shouldn't have to worry about the soul-crushing disappointment that can result from transtioning from mechanical to membrane key switches in quick succession.

Each key is backed by an LED backlight with four levels of brightness adjustable via Fn shortcuts. There are shortcuts for media functions, as well, and the Windows key can be disabled during gaming sessions. The only catch seems to be the anti-ghosting tech, which is limited to "6-8 key" rollover in USB mode. You'll need to use the PS/2 adapter for full n-key rollover support.

Of course, the Poseidon doesn't have fancy extras like macro keys, audio jacks, or built-in USB ports. You don't get a wrist rest with it, either, but the ABS plastic body is supposed to be flex-free. All things considered, the Poseidon looks like a pretty good value... provided you have a penchant for clicky, tactile key switches. It's too bad keyboard makers don't provide multiple switch options by default.

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