Phison controller anchors budget-friendly Corsair Force LS SSDs

Corsair has announced a new family of value-oriented SSDs. The Force Series LS follows the time-honored SSD traditiona of putting the word "series" in the product name. While the awkward naming convention isn't a surprise, the controller under the hood is a little more unusual: it's a 6Gbps design from Phison. The press release doesn't provide other details apart from confirming support for TRIM, garbage collection, and wear leveling. I suspect the controller is an eight-channel design, though—the PS3108, perhaps.

Toshiba provides the flash, but details are scarce on that front, as well. At least the performance specifications suggest the Force LS uses MLC rather than TLC NAND flash. The drive is rated for 555MB/s sequential reads and 535MB/s writes. TLC-based SSDs typically have lower write speed ratings unless they use some sort of high-performance write cache; since there's no mention on caching, my money's on MLC NAND.

The Force LS will be available in 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB capacities for $70, $110, and $200, respectively. Given how many SSDs are in the same price range, eventual street pricing should be lower. Corsair's own Neutron Series GTX 240GB sells for $220 at Newegg right now, which is substantially less than the $260 list price on the company's website.

The Neutron GTX has a five-year warranty, but the Force LS is only covered for three years—pretty standard for a consumer-grade SSD. You certainly won't find a longer warranty among budget-oriented models.

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