Rambus: tale of 'duplicity and greed'

This article at Fortune chronicles the Rambus saga. Now that Rambus's stock has melted down, the tale of the company's demise is being told, it seems. It's an interesting, well-written account of Rambus's story, and it doesn't pull any punches:
Tales of company downfalls have become depressingly familiar in the past few years, of course. But Rambus is no flaky dot-com. It's a profitable chip-technology designer with a signature product blessed by Intel, whose elite Pentium 4 chips currently uses only Rambus technology. No, Rambus' problems have come not from the passing of an economic bubble but from its embrace of two age-old sins: duplicity and greed.
Ow. I only had one or two quibbles with the article. I'd have preferred they mention RDRAM's performance drawbacks, like higher latencies, instead of maintaining throughout that Rambus's products were clearly superior to SDRAM. And at least some mention of DDR would have been helpful. But overall, the author got the basics right here¬ówhich is all too rare in many non-techie publications. Recommended reading.
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